Alabama Gold Page

Map of Alabama's Gold Belt

Everything inside the sock shaped area is in the Alabama gold belt.  The areas in the north traditionally have produced the larger pieces of gold, the areas in the south produces flour gold.

The area above the toe is Birmingham.

The area under the sole is Montgomery.

The top of the sock is Borden Springs

The lower top is Roanoke

The green area on the upper bulge is
Talladega Nat. Forrest.

The tip of the toe is  Clanton.

The heel is Lake Martin





My favorite areas to look

Alabama contains what is commonly known as placer gold, the gold found in Alabama is 22-23 carat in quality.  It seems to me, that most land owners in the gold fields do not know what they are sitting on.  When I prospect I always stop to ask, when I mention gold.  The land owner seems to be surprised, I always share in what I have found.  This is proper, also you get to know people in the area.  I have gotten on land that I wouldn't be allowed on normally,  by knowing neighbors and friends of the people I stop to talk to.

Please do not take this up as a hobby if your are inconsiderate and rude. 

You will ruin it for those that follow.  I have been denied access to land, where the  owners has had problems in the past from people that run equipment that the land owner would not allow, if the prospector had simply asked.  Such as a large dredge, or, up to back hoes!

If you are told NO, it means NO!

However, if you are still polite there maybe a chance that you can get on the land later on.  Your reputation will follow you, good or bad.  Neighbors and friends in these small communities do talk to each other, if you are in the area long enough you will become a topic of their discussion